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The 7 Most Financially Savvy Home Upgrades You Can Make Now: Enjoy your home more today, and sell it for more tomorrow.

doorsWhen it comes to home improvement, some dollars stretch more than others. And if you’re on a limited budget, it becomes even more important to spend those dollars wisely.

Here are seven affordable home improvement projects that will help you enjoy your home more today while providing strong financial return in the future. (more…)

What’s Next for Commercial Real Estate?

commercial real estate update bellingham washingtonThe Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) was tasked with the responsibility of producing a report detailing the risks and opportunities in the commercial real estate industry. With the help of the Swanepoel T3 Group, the below findings examine the risks and opportunities presented by trends in technology, demographics, lending, and politics.

Excerpted from an article originally published by REALTOR® Magazine. Read the full article here: http://realtormag.realtor.org/commercial/feature/article/2017/05/what-s-next-for-commercial-real-estate. (more…)

1031 News: Presidents 2016 Budget Proposal Seeks to Modify Like-Kind Exchange Rules

Background: President Obama’s 2016 Budget Proposal seeks to modify Like-Kind Exchange rules for real property and restrict some eligibility. The proposal would limit the amount of capital gains that can be deferred under section 1031 from the exchange of real property to $1 million (indexed for inflation) per taxpayer per taxable year. In addition, art and collectibles would no longer be eligible. The provision would be effective for exchanges completed after December 31, 2015. (more…)