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Praise for Rebecca


I can’t speak positively enough to the service Rebecca Heathcock provided me in the search for commercial/industrial properties in the Bellingham vicinity of Whatcom County, Washington state. She worked diligently for several weeks not only to show me the best of properties available in the price range I was searching for but also to provide every possible form of analytical material available to help in the decision making process. Her strong background in property and financial analysis make her an especially effective agent. Her knowledge of, and connections within, the professional community in terms of lawyers, banks and credit unions and the government bureaucracy were essential. And besides she is honest, straight forward and personable making working with her a pleasure. I highly recommend Rebecca for any of your real estate needs.
John Hanson


Rebecca Heathcock is the kind of professional you always hope to have with your real estate transactions. She is knowledgeable, current with the market and performs flawlessly. We recently completed the sale of our house and are in the process of purchasing another. Rebecca exceeded our expectations in both.
Peter and Gerry Harris


Rebecca went above and beyond what any commercial broker would be expected to do for our small business. Not only did she represent us professionally to every prospective landlord, she was caring and supportive during the stressful negotiations. I would certainly not have been able to acquire the amazing commercial space I did, without her help. Everything about her was 5 star and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for an agent.
Shannon Fuller
Owner and LMP, Still Life Massage


Rebecca has been nothing short of outstanding in helping me to find the right place for my business. The world of real estate can be very confusing and she makes things easy to understand and is very helpful. She is calm and a good negotiator. You want her on your side.
Dr. Nolan Noska
Owner and Clinic Director, Aurum Health


Last year Rebecca put together a very complex 1031 exchange for me, eventually involving six totally different transactions. She brilliantly marketed a multi-million property for me, resulting in eight immediate offers including two full- price offers. With the proceeds from that transaction, we were able to put together purchases of five new properties within the required 1031 timeframe. These new purchases considerably increased my rental income.


Rebecca is an excellent commercial real estate broker very capable of handling transactions of any size, including multi-million dollar transactions, with a high level of integrity and trust. She is a superior researcher, and I found her knowledge of local market opportunities, especially for investors, to be unsurpassed. Her attention to detail on these transactions kept everything moving in the right direction, even when the going was rough.


I give her my very highest recommendation.


Ruth Vandestraat, President
Vandestraat Properties LLC


I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on the Cleantech Open, i6 Green Challenge Program for about a year. She is a fantastic organizer and communicator and expert in cleantech business development. She provided top notch advice to startups and created a valuable series of webinars that I joined along with CEO speakers she’d recruited to help cleantech startup management teams in venture capital and crowdfunding areas. She’d be an asset on any team and takes the initiative to make things happen on schedule.


Bret Andersen
Business & Corporate Development Professional


A start-up business like SunModo can experience growing pains as it encounters rapid success, and with it daunting difficulties, many of which can be quite unexpected…. We are very grateful to our project manager, Rebecca Heathcock. She has gone above and beyond to help us identify the problems and implement the plan.


Stella Sun
Marketing & Business Development at SunModo Corp.


We recruited Rebecca to work on our i6 Green Challenge program starting in October 2012. Rebecca has now served as both Project Manager and Marketing Manager for more than 2 years. The overall program goals are to create jobs and improve the environment by accelerating the growth of early-stage clean energy companies. As project manager Rebecca recruited and screened companies with high growth potential, provided consultations with them, helped established key goals, provided advisory/mentoring/ coaching services, introduced additional advisors to them, and managed the business relationships.


The job requires frequent interaction with very busy CEOs of early-stage growth companies, and Rebecca has been tremendously successful as judged by her ability to quickly gain the respect of CEOs and provide value.


In Rebecca’s Marketing Manager role for i6 Green, she led our outreach and marketing activities for both early-stage companies and senior advisory staff. She defined the approaches, obtained input and buy-in from staff, and executed. Her methods included modern media and traditional approaches. She initiated and executed our popular webinar series to extend our services from one-on-one to one-on-many. Her placing of both recruiting and advisory material on the Cleantech Open’s National website leveraged a much broader audience and contributed greatly to our success.


In summary, Rebecca contributes superb business ideas, seeks input, gathers buy-in, and executes superbly. She balances leadership with team building, and I recommend her very enthusiastically to anyone needing her diverse skills.


Ed Murray, Ph.D.
Principal at Clean Tech Consulting


Rebecca Heathcock has helped us develop communications and go-to-market strategies that have been critical to our success over the past year. Thanks to Rebecca’s help, we have been able to self-fund the company through revenues while we completed development of an innovative new lighting product that saves commercial facilities up to 78% in energy costs vs. standard T-8 lightbulbs.


Richard Ashoff
TylerCo, Inc.


I highly recommend Rebecca Heathcock. Rebecca constantly amazes with her insight and original approaches to solving problems. Rebecca consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. Rebecca leads by example and many people at our company find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Her leadership and organizational skills have been invaluable. She is a truly exceptional individual and she will be a strong asset to any team.


Erik Odegard, PMP, MSCIS, MCSE, MCP+I,
Project Manager at Bonneville Power Administration


I’ve worked with Rebecca on and off for the past year and throughout the process she’s been engaging, personable, punctual, professional and overall just a really great person to work with.
I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who’s looking for a personable Project Professional who can understand the needs you have and provide the best possible solution.


Andrew Elder
Sr. IT Recruiter at VanderHouwen & Associates


Rebecca was a great person to work with. She is one person that will take a project she is working on all the way to completion with little help. She is very detail oriented and will not hesitate to address any issue that arises. Her communication skills are top notch.


Garris Botts
President at Botts Strategic Solution


Rebecca was a valuable volunteer to the 2010 Cleantech Open contestant-recruitment effort in Oregon. She demonstrated the ability to put together a plan, follow-through, and produce impressive results in a very short time.


Mary Sullivan
Alumni Program Co-Chair and Portland Metro Chair at Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest


Rebecca is a detailed and organized asset to all those that employ her services. We worked with Rebecca in regards to the integration of the City of Concord, California’s web streaming and document management system. Rebecca was able to give precise, organized information on what was needed to complete the integration of the two systems. Rebecca finished the integration ahead of time and was also able to adjust as the client requested additional features during the integration. Her skills, workmanship and on-time performance will be more then valuable to any potential future client of hers.


Bryan Halley
Director Video Technology and Affairs at Swagit Productions, LLC


I have worked with Rebecca for many years. She has always shown a great deal of talent and knowledge in web design and development combined with a solid foundation in marketing. I believe she is uniquely qualified in this industry.


Hank Duderstadt
E-Learning & Digital Media Teacher/Consultant


Rebecca is an extremely intelligent and idea driven. Her recommendations at the City of Concord help to usher in a new format for their website and drive web traffic to information of all the city had to offer the public. I highly recommend Rebecca for any position where her expertise can be utilized to drive forward company goals and enhance a corporations web image.


Michelle Young
Sr. Systems Engineer


Rebecca works independently with little supervision. She follows-up with clients to keep projects moving to completion. Rebecca also keeps current with technology and provides relevant research to provide the best results to the projects she is assigned.


Tom Kuhlman
Retired (Former Director if IT at City of Concord)


Rebecca was a stimulating and enjoyable colleague to work with at the City of Concord. She perfected the design and development of the City’s website which was a vast improvement for users. She keeps up-to-date on the latest technology, marketing and business strategies. She always welcomed new challenges and will find the best, most efficient solutions. She was a good mentor to others and an excellent communicator. I admired and respected her commitment to the environment and clean energy.


Lana Fisher
Desktop Publishing Specialist/Graphic Design